Submetering is typically defined as a meter installed after the utility meter.

Why Submeter?

  • More accurately allocates the cost of the resource such as water based on usage.
  • Allows tenants and owners to better control consumption.
  • Can provide information on leaks and allowing owners to reduce potential damage.
  • Helps tenants and owners to monitor resource costs.

Submetering AMI Solution

  • Read meters remotely with our internet solution
  • Compact & Easy Installation
  • Email Alerts
  • Hourly reads report
  • Customizable date range
  • Export to excel
  • Indoor or Outdoor Designs
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Drive-by Remote Read Solution

  • Use Android Smartphone or Android Tablet to Read Meters
  • Use with Kamstrup’s Ultrasonic Water Meters models 2100 & 3101
  • Maintains up to 460 days of daily consumption
  • Add GEO Points to integrated with Google Maps for visual location
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Who Submeters?

  • Property owners: Residential & Commercial
  • Manufacturers
  • Multifamily Units
  • Military
  • Hospitals
  • Educational facilities