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Diaphragm Meter Conversion Kits

Romet offers diaphragm meter change-out kits that will provide a fast and easy conversion from heavy, cumbersome diaphragm meters to Romet compact rotary meters, that have a proven field history with over 30 years of life in extreme service conditions.


  • Meter Changeout without re-piping
  • Pre-Sized and Factory tested
  • No welding, pipe cutting or other extensive labor
  • Easy & Quick Installation
  • Reduces weight, reduces space needed
  • Cleanup unattractive piping configurations
  • Each Factory Assembled kit comes complete:
    • piping
    • gaskets
    • bolts
    • connections
  • Gas Meter is separate and sized to replace existing meter

Type I Small C/I Diaphragm Conversion

Pre-boxed Meter Change-out Kit

Examples include:

  • American Meter AL425, AC630, AC800, AL800/1000
  • Rockwell/Sensus R750, R1000, R1600
  • Sensus Sonix 600/880
  • Itron/Actaris/Schlumberger/Sprague 800A/1000A
  • Various configurations available

Pulse Output

Itron AMR Radio

Mating Flanges

Gasket Strainers & Install Kits

Gas Filters